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  • Thomas Faison

    Thomas Faison

    Adjunct Faculty

  • M. Jay Farr

    M. Jay Farr

    Adjunct Faculty

    Community policing, crime mapping, criminal behavior, tactical critical events planning, police administration and mapping

  • Kevin B Fornshill

    Kevin B Fornshill

    Adjunct Faculty

    Extremist Group Research

  • David Foster

    David Foster

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence analysis, intelligence and national security policy, dynamics of terrorism, counter-terrorism policies and programs. Vineyard and Winery management.


  • Catherine Gallagher

    Catherine Gallagher

    Associate Professor

    Juvenile Justice; Health outcomes and delivery for vulnerable populations; Suicide, injury, illness and deaths in confinement; Evidence synthesis and big data analytics for healthcare and justice policy

  • Charlotte Gill

    Charlotte Gill

    Assistant Professor

    Community-based crime prevention, place-based criminology, policing, youth and crime, re-entry, program evaluation, mixed-methods research, research synthesis

  • James P. Gillis

    James P. Gillis

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Victoria A. Greenfield

    Victoria A. Greenfield

    Visiting Scholar


  • Mark Harrington

    Mark Harrington

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime trends, predicting victimization

  • Kirsten Hauser

    Kirsten Hauser

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal law and procedure, legal ethics, trial practice and evidence

  • Morani M Hines

    Morani M Hines

    Adjunct Faculty

  • David Huchler

    David Huchler

    Adjunct Faculty

    Community Policing, crime prevention, hot spots policing, traffic stop data analysis, criminal investigations, ethics.


  • Tom Jackman

    Tom Jackman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Devon Johnson

    Devon Johnson

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Public opinion on criminal justice issues, race and criminal justice, politics of crime and justice policy, survey methods


  • Jack Kitaeff

    Jack Kitaeff

    Adjunct Faculty

    Police Impersonators, police and forensic psychology, psychological screening, psychology and law

  • Christopher Koper

    Christopher Koper

    Associate Professor

    Firearms, violence, and public policy; police and crime control; technology and organizational change in policing; policy and program evaluation


  • Lawrence Leiser

    Lawrence Leiser

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal investigation, prosecution and justice for defendants and victims

  • Cynthia Lum

    Cynthia Lum

    Associate Professor

    Policing, security, criminal justice evaluation, translational criminology



  • Lisa Newmark

    Lisa Newmark

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Term Associate Professor

    Justice system's and society's response to victims of crime

  • Andrew Novak

    Andrew Novak

    Term Assistant Professor

    The death penalty, comparative constitutional law, common law in Africa, international criminal law

  • Michelle R Nuneville

    Michelle R Nuneville

    Adjunct Faculty

    Community policing,criminal investigation, domestic violence, police ethics


  • Ajima Olaghere

    Ajima Olaghere

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Reentry, place-based criminology, corrections, systematic reviews, meta-analysis


  • Dennis Pluchinsky

    Dennis Pluchinsky

    Adjunct Faculty

    Terrorism, radicalization, terrorist surveillance, the Global Jihad Movement, al-Qaeda, terrorist tactics and target selection, counter-terrorism policies and programs

  • Jeffrey W. Pollard

    Jeffrey W. Pollard

    Adjunct Faculty

    Threat Assessment, Psychotherapy, Higher Education Policy, Substance Use/Abuse

  • Walter E Purdy

    Walter E Purdy

    Adjunct Faculty

    Countering Violent Extremists, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Decision Making for Law Enforcement


  • Aisha Javed Qureshi

    Aisha Javed Qureshi

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime analysis, environmental criminology, and place-based law enforcement policies and practices


  • Dustin R Razsi

    Dustin R Razsi

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence and Homeland Security

  • Allison D. Redlich

    Allison D. Redlich


    Guilty pleas, interrogations and confessions, wrongful convictions, mental health courts, and experimental criminology

  • Daniel A Reilly

    Daniel A Reilly

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Steven D Remick

    Steven D Remick

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Onix Rivera

    Onix Rivera

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Laurie Robinson

    Laurie Robinson

    Clarence J. Robinson Professor

    Crime and public policy, federal role in supporting translational criminology and criminal justice innovation, policing, public management and strategic leadership in criminal justice

  • Eugene J. Rossi

    Eugene J. Rossi

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Danielle S. Rudes

    Danielle S. Rudes

    Associate Professor

    Organizational change, community corrections (probation/parole), prisons, law & society, prisoner reentry, problem-solving courts, implementation studies, street-level bureaucrats, and qualitative methods

  • Thomas Ryan

    Thomas Ryan

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Scott L Scher

    Scott L Scher

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Ira H. Schoen

    Ira H. Schoen

    Adjunct Faculty

    Prevention, deterrence, and detection of crime, criminal justice ethics

  • Dennis D Staszak

    Dennis D Staszak

    Term Lecturer

    Criminal investigations, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, intelligence theory and applications

  • Alan D Swanson

    Alan D Swanson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Human trafficking, international development, economic, social, and cultural rights


  • Eugene P Tadie

    Eugene P Tadie

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence Community's role in U.S. national security, intelligence analysis, scientific method applied to analysis

  • Faye Taxman

    Faye Taxman

    University Professor

    Health services and correctional research, evidence based courts and corrections, program design and interventions, experimentation and evaluation, organizational change, seamless systems of care

  • Darryl L. Thomas

    Darryl L. Thomas

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Joseph Thomas

    Joseph Thomas

    Adjunct Faculty

    National Security, Counter-terrorism, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Analysis, Education

  • Allan Turner

    Allan Turner

    Research Professor Emeritus

    Corrections, homeland security, security technology, threat, risk and vulnerability assessment


  • Gwen M Udell

    Gwen M Udell

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime analysis, crime mapping, criminal behavior, geographic profiling, serial offenders, criminal mind



  • Joel M. Weinstein

    Joel M. Weinstein

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal Courts, Trials, Constitutional Law, Criminal Procedure, Political Theory, Trademark Infringement, Government Contracts, Litigation

  • David Weisburd

    David Weisburd

    Distinguished Professor

    Police innovation, geography of crime (crime and place), experimental criminology, statistics and research methods, white collar crime

  • Clair White

    Clair White

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Communities and crime, mental health and use of service, illicit prescription drug use

  • James Willett

    James Willett

    Adjunct Faculty

  • James Willis

    James Willis

    Associate Professor

    Police organizations, police reform, police decision making, police technology, punishment in an historical context

  • David B Wilson

    David B Wilson



    Crime prevention and correctional treatment programs, meta-analysis, quantitative research methods

  • William Woolf

    William Woolf

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Chernoh Wurie

    Chernoh Wurie

    Adjunct Faculty

    Law enforcement, policing


  • Sue-Ming Yang

    Sue-Ming Yang

    Assistant Professor

    Place-based criminology, racial stereotypes and urban disorder perception, experimental methods, international terrorism

  • Ahmet S Yayla

    Ahmet S Yayla

    Adjunct Faculty

    Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, Radicalization, Homeland Security, Intelligence, Countering / Preventing Violent Extremism, Radical Jihadi Terrorist Organizations (ISIS – Al-Qaeda), Law Enforcement Leadership and Management.


  • Ehsan Zaffar

    Ehsan Zaffar

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intersection of national security, homeland security and civil rights/civil liberties, privacy.

  • Barry A Zulauf

    Barry A Zulauf

    Adjunct Faculty

    Research design and methodology; leadership and management of intelligence; intelligence reform; narco-terrorism; social sources of conflict