Criminology, Law and Society
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Part-time Faculty


  • Karen L Bune

    Karen L Bune

    Adjunct Faculty

    Victims of crime and domestic violence

  • Robert F Byers

    Robert F Byers

    Adjunct Faculty

    Homeland security, policing, surveillance, privacy law





  • M. Jay Farr

    M. Jay Farr

    Adjunct Faculty

    Community policing, crime mapping, criminal behavior, tactical critical events planning, police administration...

  • James L. Feldkamp

    James L. Feldkamp

    Adjunct Faculty

    International, domestic and environmental terrorism, deviant behavior, religion and state sponsored terrorism

  • Kevin B Fornshill

    Kevin B Fornshill

    Adjunct Faculty

    Extremist Group Research

  • David R Foster

    David R Foster

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence analysis, intelligence policy, terrorism, counter-terrorism policies and programs


  • Mark Harrington

    Mark Harrington

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime trends, predicting victimization

  • John Hauser

    John Hauser

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Kirsten Hauser

    Kirsten Hauser

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal law and procedure, legal ethics, trial practice and evidence

  • Jessica L Herbert

    Jessica L Herbert

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence and crime data in operations, investigative techniques, collective efficacy, training development...

  • Jacqueline Zee Howard

    Jacqueline Zee Howard

    Adjunct Faculty

    Geography of crime, crime and place, environmental criminology, statistics and research methods




  • Lawrence Leiser

    Lawrence Leiser

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal investigation, prosecution and justice for defendants and victims



  • Caroline L.C. Neely

    Caroline L.C. Neely

    Adjunct Faculty

    Cognitive and behavioral neuroscience

  • Andrew Novak

    Andrew Novak

    Adjunct Faculty

    The death penalty, comparative constitutional law, common law in Africa, international criminal law

  • Michelle R Nuneville

    Michelle R Nuneville

    Adjunct Faculty

    Community policing,criminal investigation, domestic violence, police ethics


  • Dennis Pluchinsky

    Dennis Pluchinsky

    Adjunct Faculty

    Terrorism, radicalization, terrorist surveillance, the Global Jihad Movement, al-Qaeda, terrorist tactics and ...

  • Walter E Purdy

    Walter E Purdy

    Adjunct Faculty

    Terrorism and homeland security


  • Aisha Javed Qureshi

    Aisha Javed Qureshi

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime analysis, environmental criminology, and place-based law enforcement policies and practices



  • Scott L Scher

    Scott L Scher

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Ira H. Schoen

    Ira H. Schoen

    Adjunct Faculty

    Prevention, deterrence, and detection of crime, criminal justice ethics

  • Dennis D Staszak

    Dennis D Staszak


    Criminal investigations, counter-intelligence, counter-terrorism, intelligence theory and applications

  • Alan D Swanson

    Alan D Swanson

    Adjunct Faculty

    Human trafficking, international development, economic, social, and cultural rights


  • Eugene P Tadie

    Eugene P Tadie

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence Community's role in U.S. national security, intelligence analysis, scientific method applied to a...

  • Darryl L. Thomas

    Darryl L. Thomas

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Joseph Thomas

    Joseph Thomas

    Adjunct Faculty

    National Security, Counter-terrorism, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Analysis, Education


  • Gwen M Udell

    Gwen M Udell

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime analysis, crime mapping, criminal behavior, geographic profiling, serial offenders




  • Ehsan Zaffar

    Ehsan Zaffar

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intersection of national security, homeland security and civil rights/civil liberties, privacy.

  • Barry A Zulauf

    Barry A Zulauf

    Adjunct Faculty

    Research design and methodology, intelligence support, narco-terrorism, social, ethnic, nationalist and religi...