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Transfer Students

Below are a few special notes for new Transfer students to help assist in transitioning to Mason.

Time Limit for Finalizing Transfer Credits

Transfer students must resolve any questions about transferred credits within one year of entering Mason. This includes courses from other institutions or credit by exam. This means that if you think you should have received more credit, or different credit, or if you need to have final transcripts or exam scores sent to Mason, follow up right away! Admissions is strict about the one-year cut-off. You'll find more information below about different issues you might need to follow up on.

GAA/Mason Core Waiver

Transfer students holding an AA, AS or AA&S degree from a Virginia community college that has a Guaranteed Admissions Agreement (GAA) with Mason may be eligible for a “Mason Core waiver.” This waiver releases a student from all University-wide Mason Core and College general education requirements EXCEPT for English 302 , foreign language (B.A. degree only), and Synthesis (but Synthesis will be completed with CRIM 495).  Qualifying for this waiver requires a specific minimum GPA at the community college as well as some specific coursework and application by the GAA deadline. If you think you qualify for the waiver, check your GMU transcript and degree evaluation to make sure the VCCS degree and the waiver are reflected in these records; if not, contact the Admissions Office at Mason IMMEDIATELY. Please use their Transfer Credit Inquiry Form to contact them or visit the Transfer Office in SUB I, ground floor, across from Enrollment Central.

Sending Test Scores to Mason

Record of your AP, IB, CLEP, or similar test scores do not follow you from one college to another. If you earned scores that entitle you to Mason credit or waive a requirement (see the credit by exam charts on the Admissions website), please follow up immediately to have these scores sent by the testing agency directly to Mason.

Checking for Missing Transfer Courses

Please take some time to review your transfer equivalency worksheet in the Unofficial Transcript section of your Patriot Web account (under "Student Records"). If you see any discrepancies contact the Admissions Office at Mason IMMEDIATELY. Please use the Transfer Credit Inquiry Form.

Getting Course Equivalencies Re-Evaluated

If you have courses that transferred to Mason but inaccurately, there are two possible processes to follow:

  • If credits are missing (not showing on your Transfer Equivalency Worksheet in Patriot Web), please alert Admissions by using their Transfer Credit Inquiry Form.
  • If you were awarded credit for a particular course and wish to have it re-evaluated as potentially equivalent to a different Mason course, then you must complete a Transfer Credit Re-Evaluation Appeal Form and deliver it, with a course description and/or syllabus to the Mason department offering the course you would like to receive credit for. 

Transfer Student Options for the Western Civ/ World History Mason Core Requirement

Students at Mason usually must take either HIST 100: History of Western Civilization or HIST 125: Introduction to World History to fulfill the Western Civilization/World History Mason Core requirement. However, a student who has transferred to Mason from any other school is eligible to fulfill this requirement by choosing from an alternative list of history courses. NOTE: If you have qualified for a Gen Ed/Mason Core Waiver (see above), this Mason Core requirement is already fulfilled.

Losing Credit by Unintentionally Repeating a Course

Sadly, we have seen this happen. If you take a non-repeatable course at Mason for which you have already received transfer credit, the new course will "overwrite" the credit for your transferred course (so, you've just wasted your time and money - which no one wants to happen). So please be careful! Study your transfer equivalency worksheet and become very familiar with the titles of the courses already credited to you. Be especially careful if the content of a Mason course sounds similar to the content of a course you took elsewhere, even if the course you took elsewhere was titled something else.

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