Faculty Advisors

Dr. Willis and Dr. Wilson
Dr. Willis and Dr. Wilson

All graduate students in the CLS Department are assigned a Faculty Advisor upon enrollment and are encouraged to meet with them at least once per year. Faculty Advisors provide mentoring on topics related to academic success and career development. For example, Faculty Advisors can offer guidance on matters such as:

  • Which elective courses are relevant to their interests
  • Ensuring timely degree progress
  • Developing a timeline for thesis/MAP/dissertation completion
  • What to do if they are struggling in a class or with a particular instructor
  • The skills they should focus on for a particular goal or career track
  • Relevant campus resources and student support offices
  • Networking with students and via departmental or campus events
  • Opportunities available post-graduation
  • How the job market works for academic and alt-act careers

MS/BAM Students: Please note that there is a distinction between your Faculty Advisor and your Academic Advisor (Brielle DeMatteo). Your academic advisor is the best person to contact for questions about MS-specific policies, degree requirements and overall progress, and administrative issues. Students are encouraged to meet with Brielle for academic advising prior to every registration period.

MA/PhD Students: Please note that there is a distinction between your Faculty Advisor and your Research Mentor (although one person may serve both roles). Research Mentors supervise your research activities if you have an assistantship or are working on your thesis or dissertation.

*As a degree-seeking student at Mason, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are meeting these in order to finish your degree in a timely manner.  Your Faculty Advisor, the Graduate Program Coordinator, and the Director of Graduate Programs are all available to provide guidance as you pursue your degree.