Special Topics and Directed Reading Courses

In addition to your required coursework, the MS and PhD programs allow you to complete a variety of elective courses. For the MS, these must be CRIM courses.  For the PhD, these can be CRIM courses or courses from departments across the university. Please see the University Catalog for a list of approved electives for your degree program. 

CRIM 595/795 (Special Topics) courses count as electives for the MS (595) and PhD programs (795).

CRIM 796 (Directed Reading) courses count as electives for the PhD program. CRIM 796 directed reading courses allow doctoral students to study closely with a faculty member on a topic of interest to you. To register for a directed reading course, you must submit an enrollment form to the Director of Graduate Programs or Graduate Coordinator at least two weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Directed Reading Course Resources