Criminology, Law and Society
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Research and Teaching Assistantships

CLS GRAs at Symposium

Graduate Research Assistantships (GRAs)

Students with Graduate Research Assistantships support faculty research.  All graduate research assistantships give students hands-on experience working closely with faculty to learn the skills of research and evaluation and interact with practitioners and policy makers.

Full-time GRAs are expected to work 20 hours/week, may receive up to 18 credits of tuition waiver per academic year, and may receive health insurance. Half-time GRAs work 10 hours/week and may receive up to 6 credits of tuition waiver. Our graduate students have been research assistants on projects sponsored by justice organizations such as:

  • National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • National Institute for Justice
  • National Policing Improvement Agency
  • Department of Justice (Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention)
  • Department of Navy (Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command)
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Government of Trinidad and Tobago

Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs)

Students who receive a Graduate Teaching Assistantship support the department by engaging in activities related to teaching. These can include: teaching sections of courses/labs, supporting instructors teaching large sections, tutoring, advising, and curriculum development. Teaching assistantships typically include a stipend, up to 12 credit hours of tuition per academic year, and health insurance.

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