Courtney Porter

Courtney Porter

Courtney Porter

juvenile justice, use of assessment tools, evidence-based practices, decision-making, racial and ethnic disparities

Courtney Porter, PhD Candidate, is currently the Director of Research and Development for Fairfax County’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court (JDRDC). In this position, Ms. Porter supervises all internal research projects, coordinate and monitor all grant activities and reporting, and work collaboratively on cross-agency initiatives focused on youth well-being and success. She analyzes and reports data from Virginia’s Balanced Approach Data Gathering Environment (BADGE) on youth involved in the juvenile justice system and coordinates data collection and analysis efforts within JDRDC. In this role, she is also responsible for special projects as directed by the Director of Court Services, Deputy Director of Probation Services, Deputy Director of Residential Services and the Deputy Director of CSU Operations. These special projects result in written research briefs and oral presentations to Court Service Administrators and other stakeholders.

Prior to working with Fairfax County, Ms. Porter was a graduate research assistant with GMU's Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence and a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Department of Criminology, Law and Society. She received a Master's in Forensic Psychology from Marymount University and a BS in Psychology from Slippery Rock University.

Grants and Fellowships


2018 Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Doctoral Fellowship


Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, 2017 
Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Funded Amount: $17,093 (18-A4151JB13)

State Justice Institute, 2017 – present
Juvenile Probation System Review, Funded Amount: $41,130 (STJ-17-T-128)

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, 2016 – present
CSU Juvenile Diversion and Community Corrections Evaluation (Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court with George Mason University Center for the Advancement of Correctional Excellence, 17-A4036AD15)

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, 2016 – present
JJDP Title II, Funded Amount: $41,139 (18-B3400JJ13)

Recent Presentations

Porter, C. (2015, November). Gatekeepers of the Juvenile Justice System: Intake Officers and Decision Outcomes. Presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Washington, D.C.

Porter, C. & Viglione, J. (2013, November). Reforming Probation: Policy & Practice Implementation Within a Juvenile Justice Agency. Presented at the American Society of Criminology Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Porter, C. & Viglione, J. (2013, May). Examining Evidence-Based Policies (EBPs) within a Juvenile Justice Agency. Presented at the Law and Society Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

In the Media

2016 Georgetown Capstone of the Year Award