Madeline McPherson

Madeline McPherson

Madeline McPherson

Penology, corrections, race/ethnicity studies, power and corruption, mass casualty violence and gun policy

Madeline is a second-year doctoral student in the Criminology, Law, & Society Department. She is currently employed full-time as a Project Coordinator with the International Association of Chiefs of Police working in legislative affairs and public policy projects related to law enforcement. Previously, Madeline worked as a Senior Policy Analyst with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, managing special projects that served the state's prison population and acting as a policy and legislative affairs liaison for the Pennsylvania's Office of the Governor.

She has a M.S. in Justice, Law, & Criminology from American University and a dual B.A. in Sociology & Psychology from Duquesne University.


B.A. Psychology and Sociology, Duquesne University

M.S. Justice, Law, & Criminology, American University 


In the Media

Featured in Chronicle of Higher Education article - "Can a College Education Solve the Nation's Prison Crisis?"