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Sara Debus-Sherrill

Sara Debus-Sherrill

Sara Debus-Sherrill

corrections, mental health, victimization

Sara Debus-Sherrill is a doctoral student and researcher with the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence. At the Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence, Ms. Debus-Sherrill works on projects related to community and institutional corrections to increase evidence-based practices, evaluate programs’ effectiveness, and facilitate reform efforts in correctional systems. She is currently serving as an embedded criminologist with the Alameda County Probation Department to evaluate reentry efforts. Ms. Debus-Sherrill has also conducted applied justice research at ICF International, the Urban Institute, and the University of Alabama, contributing to and leading large-scale research projects on a variety of justice topics. Previously, Ms. Debus-Sherrill has performed clinical work with both offender and victim populations, provided training and consultation to non-profits and government agencies related to evaluation best practices, and served on a national working group related to research-to-practice issues. Her primary research interests are correctional practices, mental health services for offenders, and victimization in correctional settings.


B.S. Psychology, Tulane University

M.A. Clinical Forensic Psychology, University of Alabama

Ph.D. (pending/ABD) George Mason University