Undergraduate Programs in Criminology and Society

BA in Criminology, Law and Society

The BA in criminology, law and society provides students with the opportunity to acquire a broader liberal arts education while studying criminology, law and society. The BA degree prepares students for careers in a range of justice, social service, and human services fields. It also provides a strong background for law school or graduate study in criminal justice or criminology.

BS in Criminology, Law and Society

Mason's criminology, law and society degree is designed for students interested in law enforcement, law, homeland security, and related career fields. As a student in the program, you will be taught by outstanding professors who have years of experience as both researchers and practitioners.

Minor in Criminology, Law and Society

Through this minor, students develop knowledge of the principles, institutions, and practices of systems for administering justice. It provides a solid foundation for students seeking to supplement their major area of study, develop knowledge and skills needed for justice related occupations, or lay the foundation for possible law school or graduate study in the justice field. Students first obtain an overview of the justice system, learn legal or ethical standards by which to judge the behavior of justice practitioners, and then develop advanced knowledge of selected features of the justice system.

Minor in Intelligence Studies

The minor in intelligence studies is designed for students who are interested in careers in homeland security or other intelligence-related fields.  This minor focuses on developing the skills of intelligence analysis, including research, writing, briefing, and analytical tradecraft.  Students explore ethical issues in the field and new developments in the analysis of intelligence information.