• Christopher W Allen

    Christopher W Allen

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Elli Ambros

    Elli Ambros

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

  • CJ Appleton

    CJ Appleton

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, reentry, desistance, race, identity, narratives

  • Yana Arvanitis

    Yana Arvanitis

    Office Coordinator

  • Jennifer Ayerza

    Jennifer Ayerza

    Graduate Research Assistant

    cyber-violence, sexual offending, technology facilitated sexual violence, computer-mediated communications, deviancy, and online victimization

  • Muneeba Azam

    Muneeba Azam

    policing, social inequality, juvenile delinquency, terrorism, mental health


  • Gretchen Baas

    Gretchen Baas

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Mass shootings, firearms, policing, health, and quantitative methods

  • Stephen F Bamford

    Stephen F Bamford

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Steven L Basha

    Steven L Basha

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Michael Bayer

    Michael Bayer

    Adjunct Faculty

  • John C Bazaz

    John C Bazaz

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Randy I. Bellows

    Randy I. Bellows

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Steven Bennett

    Steven Bennett

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Fatih Beren

    Fatih Beren

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Parwez Besmel

    Parwez Besmel

    Assistant Professor

    Transitional Justice, Transnational crimes, Human Rights, the International Criminal Court and Afghanistan

  • Talley Bettens

    Talley Bettens

    Graduate Lecturer

    Adolescent legal decision-making; Wrongful convictions; Police interrogations; School discipline

  • Robert Blakley

    Robert Blakley

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal Justice Management, Leadership, Public Policy, Public Administration, Incident Command Coordination, Traffic Safety, Use of Force

  • Michael Bogart

    Michael Bogart

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence Theory and Application, Analytical Techniques, Threat Assessment, and Protective Intelligence

  • Amie D. Bowman

    Amie D. Bowman

    Adjunct Faculty

    Law enforcement leadership, leadership of diverse populations, analytic methods

  • Daniel Brazier

    Daniel Brazier

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Ryan Bredemeier

    Ryan Bredemeier

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Lillian Brooks

    Lillian Brooks

    Adjunct Faculty

    The effect of decentralization of Juvenile Correctional Institutions

  • D. Keith Bryars

    D. Keith Bryars

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jim Burch

    Jim Burch

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Peter Caggiano

    Peter Caggiano

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Brianna Camero

    Brianna Camero

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Place-based criminology, hotspots, police-community relations, and community health/social issues

  • Jason A Cantone

    Jason A Cantone

    Adjunct Faculty

    Federal courts, legal decision making, legal empirical research, psychology and law, judicial education

  • Benjamin Carleton

    Benjamin Carleton

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Evidence-based policing, police-community relations, police legitimacy and accountability, crime prevention and reduction

  • Hayley Carlisle

    Hayley Carlisle

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, carceral suicide, prisoner reentry

  • James L. Carr

    James L. Carr

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jonathan Casteline

    Jonathan Casteline

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Mary Catlin

    Mary Catlin

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Legal decision-making, false admissions of guilt, wrongful convictions and exonerees

  • Mahmut Cengiz

    Mahmut Cengiz

    Associate Professor

  • James Clark

    James Clark

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Sharon Corradino

    Sharon Corradino

    Office Manager

  • Ryan Cotter

    Ryan Cotter

    Adjunct Faculty

    Quantitative data modeling, predictive analytics, police intelligence, organized crime, courts, and offender rehabilitation.

  • Jada Crocker

    Jada Crocker

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor


  • Matthew D'Anna

    Matthew D'Anna

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime analysis, crime mapping, predictive policing, spatial analysis, network analysis

  • Brielle DeMatteo

    Brielle DeMatteo

    Graduate Program Coordinator

  • Richard M. Denholm II

    Richard M. Denholm II

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Catherine Moses Dobson

    Catherine Moses Dobson

    Director of the Internship Program

    Associate Professor

    Latin American Politics, U.S. Counternarcotics Policy, Environmental Law, Constitutional Law

  • Kihyanna Dominick

    Kihyanna Dominick

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Beidi Dong

    Beidi Dong

    Associate Professor

    Firearm violence and policy, crime/violence, punishment, and health, crime and place, life-course criminology/criminal careers, computational social science

  • Thomas E Dowling

    Thomas E Dowling

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Zach Drake

    Zach Drake

    Crime analysis, data science, machine learning, crime prevention, deterrence, crime and place, homeland security, operations research, program evaluations

  • Clayton B. Drummond

    Clayton B. Drummond

    Graduate Lecturer

    Social change and the legal system; punishment; wrongful convictions


  • Christopher Edmunds

    Christopher Edmunds

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Richard Elias

    Richard Elias

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jennifer Embrey

    Jennifer Embrey

    Adjunct Faculty

    International Law, National Security, Space Law, Policy or Program adoption and diffusion, Political Violence and Terrorism, Privacy and Technology,


  • Lakia Faison

    Lakia Faison

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Wrongful convictions and exonerations; Legal and moral decision-making

  • Shahram Fard

    Shahram Fard

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Sydney (Boone) Fay

    Sydney (Boone) Fay

    Evidence-based crime policy, forensic and legal psychology, situational crime prevention, environmental (place-based) criminology, cyber-assisted crime, technology-facilitated sex offending, and human trafficking

  • Eric Feldman

    Eric Feldman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Danielle M. Fenimore

    Danielle M. Fenimore

    Adjunct Faculty

    Modern issues in policing; use of force; survey methods; evaluation methods; quantitative methods; crime mapping; environmental criminology

  • Kevin B Fornshill

    Kevin B Fornshill

    Adjunct Faculty

    Extremist Group Research

  • Chelsea Foudray

    Chelsea Foudray

    Postdoctoral Fellow

    Pretrial Period, Community Supervision, Corrections, Criminal-Legal Organizations, Criminal-Legal Policies, Legal Decision Making

  • Noah J. Fritz

    Noah J. Fritz

    Adjunct Faculty

    Crime Analysis, Crime Mapping, Problem Oriented Policing, Police Reform


  • Catherine Gallagher

    Catherine Gallagher

    Associate Professor

    Juvenile Justice; Health outcomes and delivery for vulnerable populations; Suicide, injury, illness and deaths in confinement; Evidence synthesis and big data analytics for healthcare and justice policy

  • Patrick J Gallop

    Patrick J Gallop

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Charlotte Gill

    Charlotte Gill

    Director of the MS Program

    Associate Professor

    Community-based crime prevention, place-based criminology, policing, youth and crime, program evaluation, mixed-methods research, research synthesis

  • James P. Gillis

    James P. Gillis

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Victoria Goldberg
  • Michael Goodier

    Michael Goodier

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Policing, 911 Communications, Procedural Justice, Firearms, Violence Reduction, Evidence-Based Crime Policy, Program Evaluation, Place-Based Criminology, Translational Criminology

  • Kevin Graham

    Kevin Graham

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Victoria Greenfield

    Victoria Greenfield

    Affiliate Faculty

  • Robert Grims

    Robert Grims

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Terry Gudaitis

    Terry Gudaitis

    Director of Intelligence Studies Program

    Associate Professor

  • Larry D Guerin

    Larry D Guerin

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Mark Harrington

    Mark Harrington

    Adjunct Faculty

    Preventing School Violence, Crime trends, predicting victimization

  • Taylor N. Hartwell

    Taylor N. Hartwell

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, victimology, organizational culture, social inequalities, public policy, health and the criminal justice system

  • Kirsten Hauser

    Kirsten Hauser

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal law and procedure, legal ethics, trial practice and evidence

  • Morani M Hines

    Morani M Hines

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Tyler Houser

    Tyler Houser

    Graduate Lecturer

    Terrorism, security and intelligence challenges, machine learning, and crime analysis

  • David Huchler

    David Huchler

    Adjunct Faculty

  • David Husar

    David Husar

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Sydney Ingel

    Sydney Ingel

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections & Re-entry

  • Olivia Inturias

    Olivia Inturias

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

  • Yasemin Irvin-Erickson

    Yasemin Irvin-Erickson

    Assistant Professor

    Violence against women, domestic violence, identity fraud victimization, economic empowerment of vulnerable populations; evidence synthesis


  • Tom Jackman

    Tom Jackman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Vahid Jadidi

    Vahid Jadidi

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Gender-based violence, cybercrime, crime and social psychology, urban crimes, criminal victimization, and crime policy.

  • Will Jarvis

    Will Jarvis

    Adjunct Faculty

  • I-Ching Jen

    I-Ching Jen

    Graduate Lecturer

    Place-based criminology, international terrorism, mental health and criminal justice system

  • Rachel Honor Jensen

    Rachel Honor Jensen

    Community policing, police and mental health, police training and mental health, police training and autism spectrum disorders, intersection of law and psychology

  • Devon Johnson

    Devon Johnson

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Public opinion on criminal justice issues, race and criminal justice, politics of crime and justice policy, survey methods


  • Lama Karame

    Lama Karame

    Adjunct Faculty

    Socio-Legal studies, sentencing, judicial decision-making, juvenile justice, legal mobilization.

  • Steven Kaufman

    Steven Kaufman

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Matthew D. Kenyon

    Matthew D. Kenyon

    Adjunct Faculty

    Policing, procedural justice, victimology, performance management

  • Hailey Khatchatourian

    Hailey Khatchatourian

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Police Legitimacy, Police-Community Relations, Police Use of Force, and Evidence-Based Crime Policy

  • Manyang Reath Kher

    Manyang Reath Kher

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Jack Kitaeff

    Jack Kitaeff

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal Psychology, police and forensic psychology, psychological screening, psychology and law

  • Anna Knes

    Anna Knes

    Graduate Research Assistant

    psychology; legal decision-making; pretrial reform; racial disparities

  • Christopher Koper

    Christopher Koper


    Firearms, violence, and public policy; police and crime control; technology and organizational change in policing; policy and program evaluation

  • Kiseong Kuen

    Kiseong Kuen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Crime and place, social and health issues at crime hot spots, evidence-based policing, police-community relations, program evaluation, and quantitative methods

  • Naida Kuruvilla


  • Hyunji Lee

    Hyunji Lee

    Graduate Research Assistant

    policing, police technologies, police-community relations, evidence-based crime policy, and translational criminology.

  • Jin R. Lee

    Jin R. Lee

    Assistant Professor

    Cybercrime, cybersecurity, cyberpsychology, online interpersonal violence, computer-mediated communications, big data

  • Wei Gin Lee

    Wei Gin Lee

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Cybercrime, policing, and gender and crime, criminal victimization, and quantitative analysis

  • Larry Leiser

    Larry Leiser

    Adjunct Faculty

    Criminal investigation, prosecution and justice for defendants and victims

  • Nick Lion

    Nick Lion

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Evan Marie Lowder

    Evan Marie Lowder

    Associate Professor

    Justice-involved behavioral health populations, mental health courts and diversion programs, risk assessment, racial disparities, opioid crisis, quantitative research methods

  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Policing & mental health, wellness of law enforcement officers, crime & place, social processes & digital data, health inequality

  • Cynthia Lum

    Cynthia Lum

    Distinguished University Professor

    Policing, evidence-based policing, police organizations, patrol and investigations operations, police technologies, evidence-based crime policy and translational criminology


  • Benjamin J. Mackey

    Benjamin J. Mackey

    Sociology of punishment, reentry, community supervision, penal privatization, qualitative methods, survey research

  • Andrew J. Madrigal

    Andrew J. Madrigal

    Wrongful convictions, Juvenile Justice, Social Justice

  • Michael Marchildon

    Michael Marchildon

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jillian Marconi

    Jillian Marconi

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Andrew Marshall

    Andrew Marshall

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Stephen D Mastrofski

    Stephen D Mastrofski

    Emeritus Faculty

    Police discretion, police organizations and their reform, systematic field observation methods in criminology

  • Thomas Mays

    Thomas Mays

    Adjunct Faculty

  • John McCartney

    John McCartney

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence integration between Federal Law Enforcement and the Intelligence Community, transnational organized crime, global effects of illicit networks and their centers of gravity, sub-national movements and state sovereignty; insurgencies and their supporting underground movements. 

  • Marie Mele Thomas

    Marie Mele Thomas

    Associate Professor

    Social inequality and crime, victimization, interpersonal violence, victim advocacy

  • Linda M. Merola

    Linda M. Merola

    Associate Professor

    Constitutional law, privacy and technology, terrorism, evidence-based courts, survey and experimental methods

  • Marc Meyer

    Marc Meyer

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Craig Miles

    Craig Miles

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Joseph Moore

    Joseph Moore

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Mackenzi M. Moran

    Mackenzi M. Moran

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Mass Incarceration, Rehabilitation, Court Modernization, Portrayal of Court Processes Online

  • Chris Morehouse

    Chris Morehouse

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Rachel Morgan
  • John R Murphy

    John R Murphy

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Robert J. Norris

    Robert J. Norris

    Associate Professor

    Social change and legal reform; Social justice and critical criminology; Politics in the criminal legal system; Public opinion; Wrongful convictions

  • Andrew Novak

    Andrew Novak

    Associate Professor

    Death penalty, comparative criminology, comparative law, human rights litigation, international criminal law, justice theory, LBGT rights, sport history, Sub-Saharan Africa


  • Satoko Odagawa

    Satoko Odagawa

    Undergraduate Academic Advisor

  • Ali Ozdogan

    Ali Ozdogan

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Suleyman Ozeren

    Suleyman Ozeren

    Adjunct Faculty

    Terrorism & counterterrorism, online extremism, cybercrime, cyberterrorism, countering violent extremism (CVE), international security, the Middle East, the Kurdish issue, and conflict resolution.


  • Daniel D Plank

    Daniel D Plank

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Dennis Pluchinsky

    Dennis Pluchinsky

    Adjunct Faculty

    Terrorism, radicalization, terrorist surveillance, the Global Jihad Movement, al-Qaeda, terrorist tactics and target selection, counter-terrorism policies and programs

  • Jeffrey W. Pollard

    Jeffrey W. Pollard

    Adjunct Faculty

    Threat Assessment, Psychotherapy, Higher Education Policy, Substance Use/Abuse

  • Louis Price

    Louis Price

    Adjunct Faculty

    Investigations, Interviewing, and Interrogation

  • Walter E Purdy

    Walter E Purdy

    Adjunct Faculty

    Countering Violent Extremists, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Decision Making for Law Enforcement


  • Cesar J. Rebellon

    Cesar J. Rebellon


    Criminological Theory, Juvenile Delinquency, Peer Networks, Quantitative Methods, Social Psychology

  • Allison D. Redlich

    Allison D. Redlich

    Associate Chair

    Distinguished University Professor

    Guilty pleas, interrogations and confessions, wrongful convictions, mental health courts, and experimental criminology

  • Daniel A Reilly

    Daniel A Reilly

    Adjunct Faculty

  • James Reinhardt

    James Reinhardt

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Steven D. Remick

    Steven D. Remick

    Adjunct Faculty

    Law Enforcement Training / Use of Force / Leadership / Criminal Investigations / Ethics in Criminal Justice / Management & Supervision / Criminal Justice Reform

  • Arden Richards-Karamarkovich

    Arden Richards-Karamarkovich

    Graduate Lecturer

    Gender, reentry, qualitative methods

  • Onix Rivera

    Onix Rivera

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Laurie O. Robinson

    Laurie O. Robinson

    Emeritus Faculty

    Crime and public policy, federal role in supporting translational criminology and criminal justice innovation, policing, public management and strategic leadership in criminal justice

  • Eugene J. Rossi

    Eugene J. Rossi

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Raymond G Rowley

    Raymond G Rowley

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Kurt M. Saffer

    Kurt M. Saffer

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence, Counter-terrorism, Homeland Defense, Cyber, Space & Special Operations.

  • Scott L Scher

    Scott L Scher

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Suraiya H. Shammi

    Suraiya H. Shammi

    Graduate Lecturer

    Guilty plea, Miranda rights, Procedural justice, and Police interrogation

  • Auzeen Shariati

    Auzeen Shariati

    Director of Undergraduate Programs

    Assistant Professor

    Environmental Criminology, Crime Prevention, Victimization, Policing Studies, Comparative Criminal Justice, Program Evaluation, Mixed Methods

  • Bradford Slutsky

    Bradford Slutsky

    Adjunct Faculty

    Organizational Management, NIMS, Use of Force Policy, Police Training, Innovations/Technology, Youth Law Enforcement Development programs

  • Lindsay Renee Smith

    Lindsay Renee Smith

    Gender, co-occurring disorders, interpersonal violence, imprisonment

  • Dennis D Staszak

    Dennis D Staszak


    Interviewing and Interrogation, Criminal investigations, Counterintelligence investigations, Counterterrorism investigations, Intelligence Analysis, Intelligence theory and applications,

  • Christopher Stitt

    Christopher Stitt

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Eugene P Tadie

    Eugene P Tadie

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intelligence Community's role in U.S. national security, intelligence analysis, scientific method applied to analysis

  • Peter Tahan

    Peter Tahan

    Adjunct Faculty

    Emerging Technologies, Counterintelligence, Insider Threats, Technology Protection

  • Bobby Taylor

    Bobby Taylor

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Mindy Thai

    Mindy Thai

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Corrections, interstate prison network, re-entry, alternatives to imprisonment, policing, police technology

  • Heather Toronjo

    Heather Toronjo

    Senior Instructor

    Reflective practice, corrections, probation workforce development

  • Allan Turner

    Allan Turner

    Emeritus Faculty

    Corrections, homeland security, security technology, threat, risk and vulnerability assessment

  • Kristin Tyburczy

    Kristin Tyburczy

    Undergraduate Program Coordinator


  • Gwen M Udell

    Gwen M Udell

    Professor of Practice

    Crime analysis, intelligence analysis, criminal investigative analysis, applied criminal psychology, crime pattern analysis, serial offenders.

  • Janani Umamaheswar

    Janani Umamaheswar

    Assistant Professor

    Social inequality, punishment and incarceration, the life course, qualitative research methods


  • James Van de Velde

    James Van de Velde

    Adjunct Faculty

    • Cyber Issues/Network Warfare • Military Strategy/National Security Affairs • Counter Proliferation • Counter Terrorism Analyst • WMD Analyst • Nuclear Weapons Arms Control/Deterrence • Northeast Asia Politics • Afghanistan/Syria/al Qaida Analyst • Interrogator/Strategic Debriefer

  • Alexandro C Villarroel


  • Christopher I. Warner

    Christopher I. Warner

    Adjunct Faculty

  • David Weisburd

    David Weisburd

    Distinguished Professor

    Police innovation, geography of crime (crime and place), experimental criminology, statistics and research methods, white collar crime

  • James Willett

    James Willett

    Adjunct Faculty

  • James J. Willis

    James J. Willis



    Police organizations, police reform, police decision making, police technology, punishment in an historical context

  • David B Wilson

    David B Wilson

    Distinguished University Professor

    Crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, and correctional treatment programs, meta-analysis, quantitative research methods, applied statistics

  • Sean Wire

    Sean Wire

    Policing, crime and place, law enforcement technology, experimental criminology

  • Stephen Wofsey

    Stephen Wofsey

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Sue-Ming Yang

    Sue-Ming Yang

    Associate Professor

    Place-based criminology, community responses to mental health issues, experimental methods


  • Ehsan Zaffar

    Ehsan Zaffar

    Adjunct Faculty

    Intersection of national security, homeland security and civil rights/civil liberties, privacy.

  • Taryn Zastrow

    Taryn Zastrow

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Place-based criminology, crime analysis, community violence & health, policing, crime & public policy

  • Timo Zheng

    Timo Zheng

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Deterrence, Quantitative Methods