Jada Crocker

Jada Crocker

Jada Crocker advises students with last names Ci-K in the Criminology, Law and Society department. As a double alumna of the university, Jada is excited to return and pour into the Mason community. An experienced academic advisor, Jada is passionate about creating holistic advising experiences that guide students to become well-rounded students and global citizens. Borrowing from her extensive athletics-related background, Jada views advising as a team sport and on this team the students are the star players! As a team, the goal is to make it to the "championship" aka Graduation!





Ph.D. in Education (Specializations in Higher Education & Sports Administration) -- George Mason University, [In Progress]

M.S. in Sport & Recreation Studies -- George Mason University, 2019

B.S. in Health, Fitness, & Recreation Resources -- George Mason University, 2017