Graduate Assistants


  • Daniela Barberi

    Daniela Barberi

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, translational research, prison violence, prisoner treatment, reentry programs, minority populations and prisoners' quality of life.

  • Justine Burke

    Justine Burke

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Amy Dezember

    Amy Dezember

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Plea bargaining, Legal decision-making, Court procedures and processes

  • Zachary M Drake

    Zachary M Drake

    Graduate Lecturer

    Crime Prevention, Environmental Criminology, Crime Analysis, Data Science, Computational Criminology, Systems and Operations Modelling, Cyber Crime, Cyber Security

  • Julia Durska

    Julia Durska

    Graduate Research Assistant



  • Stephen Happeny

    Stephen Happeny

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Taylor N. Hartwell

    Taylor N. Hartwell

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, victimology, organizational culture, social inequalities, public policy, health and the criminal justice system



  • Rachel Honor Jensen

    Rachel Honor Jensen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Community policing, police and mental health, police training and mental health, police training and autism spectrum disorders, intersection of law and psychology

  • William Johnson

    William Johnson

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Caitlin L. Kanewske

    Caitlin L. Kanewske

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Pallie Koehn

    Pallie Koehn

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Mental health and substance use disorders, victimization of vulnerable populations, human trafficking, police and prosecutorial decision-making


  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Mental Health and Criminal Justice System, Substance Abuse, Crime and Place and Quantitative Methods

  • Samantha Luna

    Samantha Luna

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Wrongful convictions, plea bargaining, and specialty courts.


  • Shannon Magnuson

    Shannon Magnuson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Organizational Change, Corrections, Process Evaluations and Applied/Participatory Action Research

  • Lina Marmolejo

    Lina Marmolejo

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, International Development, Corrections, Re-entry.


  • Matthew S Nelson

    Matthew S Nelson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Evaluating evidence-based crime interventions, crime and place, quantitative methods, and program evaluation


  • Sang Jun Park

    Sang Jun Park

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Evidence-Based Crime Policy, Crime and Place, Community Policing, Public Safety, Open Data, Web GIS, Crime Prevention

  • Kevin Petersen

    Kevin Petersen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Crime and place, evidence-based crime interventions, guilty pleas, legal decision-making.

  • Heather Prince

    Heather Prince

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Juvenile delinquency, violent crime, school violence, domestic violence, crime and place, policing





  • Taryn Zastrow

    Taryn Zastrow

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Evidence-based crime interventions, policing, crime and place, translational criminology


  • Margaretha (Chelsea) Antonius van Dijk

    Margaretha (Chelsea) Antonius van Dijk

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Legal decision making, Wrongful convictions, Serial offenses, Corrections, Probation and Parole, Intersection of the law and psychology