Graduate Assistants


  • Daniela Barberi

    Daniela Barberi

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, prisoner treatment, reentry programs, minority populations, and prisoners' quality of life.

  • Justine Burke

    Justine Burke

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Matthew D'Anna

    Matthew D'Anna

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Crime analysis, crime mapping, predictive policing, spatial analysis, network analysis

  • Amy Dezember

    Amy Dezember

    Plea bargaining, Legal decision-making, Court procedures and processes

  • Kate Doyle Feingold

    Kate Doyle Feingold

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Criminal procedure, guilty pleas, constitutional rights, and policing.

  • Zachary M Drake

    Zachary M Drake

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Crime Prevention, Crime and Place, Crime Analysis, Data Science, Computational Criminology


  • Jennifer Bailey Embrey

    Jennifer Bailey Embrey

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Political violence and terrorism; war crimes and aggression; international criminal law; national security, privacy and technology




  • Rachel Honor Jensen

    Rachel Honor Jensen

    Community policing, police and mental health, police training and mental health, police training and autism spectrum disorders, intersection of law and psychology

  • William Johnson

    William Johnson

    Graduate Teaching Assistant



  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Correction, Juvenile Delinquency, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Quantitative Methods

  • Samantha Luna

    Samantha Luna

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Specialty courts, false confessions, and guilty pleas.


  • Shannon Magnuson

    Shannon Magnuson

    Organizational Change, Corrections, Translational Criminology, Process Evaluations

  • Lina Marmolejo

    Lina Marmolejo

    Crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, International Development, Corrections, Re-entry.


  • Matthew S Nelson

    Matthew S Nelson

    Evaluating evidence-based crime interventions, crime and place, quantitative methods, and program evaluation


  • Sang Jun Park

    Sang Jun Park

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Evidence-Based Crime Policy, Crime and Place, Community Policing, Public Safety, Open Data, Web GIS, Crime Prevention


  • Amber Scherer

    Amber Scherer

    Effectiveness of criminal investigative practices, Evidence-based policing, Translation of research evidence into law enforcement practice.

  • Emily Smedley

    Emily Smedley

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Megan Stoltz

    Megan Stoltz

    Graduate Research Assistant