Graduate Assistants



  • Gretchen Baas

    Gretchen Baas

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Violence prevention, firearms, substance use, crime and place, quantitative methods

  • Talley Bettens

    Talley Bettens

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Wrongful convictions, interrogations, false confessions, deception detection


  • Mary Catlin

    Mary Catlin

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Legal decision-making, false admissions of guilt, wrongful convictions and exonerees


  • Zach Drake

    Zach Drake

    Graduate Lecturer

    Crime analysis, data science, machine learning, crime prevention, deterrence, crime and place, homeland security, operations research, program evaluations


  • Margaretha (Chelsea) Foudray

    Margaretha (Chelsea) Foudray

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Corrections, criminal justice organizations, legal decision making, community supervision, intersection of law and psychology


  • Michael Goodier

    Michael Goodier

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Policing, the disorder-crime association, evidence-based crime policy, crime and place


  • Taylor N. Hartwell

    Taylor N. Hartwell

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, victimology, organizational culture, social inequalities, public policy, health and the criminal justice system

  • Tyler Houser

    Tyler Houser

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Terrorism, radicalization, environmental criminology, crime analysis

  • PJ Houston

    PJ Houston

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Community Corrections, Treatment Courts, Probation, Re-entry, Program Evaluation



  • I-Ching Jen

    I-Ching Jen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Place-based criminology, international terrorism, mental health and criminal justice system

  • William Johnson

    William Johnson

    Graduate Lecturer


  • Zainab Bakarr Kamara

    Zainab Bakarr Kamara

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Graduate Research Assistant

    hate crime victimization and victim services, hate crime investigations and evidence, hate crime legislation, and hate crime prosecutorial outcomes

  • L. Caitlin Kanewske

    L. Caitlin Kanewske

    Graduate Research Assistant

    evidence-based crime interventions, mental health, prison reform, correctional programming

  • Kiseong Kuen

    Kiseong Kuen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Policing, police legitimacy, place-based criminology, social problems at crime hot spots, evidence-based crime policy, quantitative analysis

  • Bryce Kushmerick-McCune

    Bryce Kushmerick-McCune

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Institutional corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, prison organization and management, sociology of punishment, penal history


  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Mental health and criminal justice system, substance abuse, crime and place, quantitative methods

  • Samantha Luna

    Samantha Luna

    Graduate Lecturer

    Specialty courts, legal decision-making, and false admissions of guilt


  • Benjamin J. Mackey

    Benjamin J. Mackey

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology of punishment, reentry, community supervision, Southern criminology, qualitative methods, survey research

  • Andrew J. Madrigal

    Andrew J. Madrigal

    Graduate Lecturer

    Wrongful convictions, Juvenile Justice, Social Justice

  • Madeline McPherson

    Madeline McPherson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Crime policy, corrections & penology, legal mercy, clemency, justice organizations


  • Kevin Petersen

    Kevin Petersen

    Graduate Lecturer

    Policing, evidence-based crime interventions, guilty pleas, legal decision-making, crime and place



  • Suraiya H. Shammi

    Suraiya H. Shammi

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Mental health, Guilty pleas, Miranda rights, Legal decision-making, Suicidal ideation

  • Emily Smedley

    Emily Smedley

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Lindsay Renee Smith

    Lindsay Renee Smith

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Gender, co-occurring disorders, interpersonal violence, corrections



  • Taryn Zastrow

    Taryn Zastrow

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Place-based criminology, crime analysis, community violence & health, policing, crime & public policy