Doctoral Student Bios


  • CJ Appleton

    CJ Appleton

    Corrections, reentry, desistance, race, identity, narratives

  • Jennifer Ayerza

    Jennifer Ayerza

    cyber-violence, sexual offending, technology facilitated sexual violence, computer-mediated communications, deviancy, and online victimization

  • Muneeba Azam

    Muneeba Azam

    policing, social inequality, juvenile delinquency, terrorism, mental health


  • Gretchen Baas

    Gretchen Baas

    Mass shootings, firearms, policing, health, and quantitative methods

  • Talley Bettens

    Talley Bettens

    Adolescent legal decision-making; Wrongful convictions; Police interrogations; School discipline


  • Brianna Camero

    Brianna Camero

    Place-based criminology, hotspots, police-community relations, and community health/social issues

  • Benjamin Carleton

    Benjamin Carleton

    Evidence-based policing, police-community relations, police legitimacy and accountability, crime prevention and reduction

  • Hayley Carlisle

    Hayley Carlisle

    Corrections, carceral suicide, prisoner reentry

  • Mary Catlin

    Mary Catlin

    Legal decision-making, false admissions of guilt, wrongful convictions and exonerees


  • Zach Drake

    Zach Drake

    Crime analysis, data science, machine learning, crime prevention, deterrence, crime and place, homeland security, operations research, program evaluations

  • Clayton B. Drummond

    Clayton B. Drummond

    Social change and the legal system; punishment; wrongful convictions


  • Lakia Faison

    Lakia Faison

    Wrongful convictions and exonerations; Legal and moral decision-making

  • Sydney (Boone) Fay

    Sydney (Boone) Fay

    Evidence-based crime policy, forensic and legal psychology, situational crime prevention, environmental (place-based) criminology, cyber-assisted crime, technology-facilitated sex offending, and human trafficking

  • Chelsea Foudray

    Chelsea Foudray

    Pretrial Period, Community Supervision, Corrections, Criminal-Legal Organizations, Criminal-Legal Policies, Legal Decision Making


  • Victoria Goldberg
  • Michael Goodier

    Michael Goodier

    Policing, 911 Communications, Procedural Justice, Firearms, Violence Reduction, Evidence-Based Crime Policy, Program Evaluation, Place-Based Criminology, Translational Criminology


  • Taylor N. Hartwell

    Taylor N. Hartwell

    Corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, victimology, organizational culture, social inequalities, public policy, health and the criminal justice system

  • Tyler Houser

    Tyler Houser

    Terrorism, security and intelligence challenges, machine learning, and crime analysis



  • Vahid Jadidi

    Vahid Jadidi

    Gender-based violence, cybercrime, crime and social psychology, urban crimes, criminal victimization, and crime policy.

  • I-Ching Jen

    I-Ching Jen

    Place-based criminology, international terrorism, mental health and criminal justice system

  • Rachel Honor Jensen

    Rachel Honor Jensen

    Community policing, police and mental health, police training and mental health, police training and autism spectrum disorders, intersection of law and psychology


  • Hailey Khatchatourian

    Hailey Khatchatourian

    Police Legitimacy, Police-Community Relations, Police Use of Force, and Evidence-Based Crime Policy

  • Anna Knes

    Anna Knes

    psychology; legal decision-making; pretrial reform; racial disparities

  • Kiseong Kuen

    Kiseong Kuen

    Crime and place, social and health issues at crime hot spots, evidence-based policing, police-community relations, program evaluation, and quantitative methods


  • Hyunji Lee

    Hyunji Lee

    policing, police technologies, police-community relations, evidence-based crime policy, and translational criminology.

  • Wei Gin Lee

    Wei Gin Lee

    Cybercrime, policing, and gender and crime, criminal victimization, and quantitative analysis

  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Policing & mental health, wellness of law enforcement officers, crime & place, social processes & digital data, health inequality


  • Benjamin J. Mackey

    Benjamin J. Mackey

    Sociology of punishment, reentry, community supervision, penal privatization, qualitative methods, survey research

  • Andrew J. Madrigal

    Andrew J. Madrigal

    Wrongful convictions, Juvenile Justice, Social Justice



  • Suraiya H. Shammi

    Suraiya H. Shammi

    Guilty plea, Miranda rights, Procedural justice, and Police interrogation

  • Lindsay Renee Smith

    Lindsay Renee Smith

    Gender, co-occurring disorders, interpersonal violence, imprisonment


  • Mindy Thai

    Mindy Thai

    Corrections, interstate prison network, re-entry, alternatives to imprisonment, policing, police technology


  • Sean Wire

    Sean Wire

    Policing, crime and place, law enforcement technology, experimental criminology


  • Taryn Zastrow

    Taryn Zastrow

    Place-based criminology, crime analysis, community violence & health, policing, crime & public policy

  • Timo Zheng

    Timo Zheng

    Deterrence, Quantitative Methods