Doctoral Student Bios



  • Gretchen Baas

    Gretchen Baas

    Violence prevention, firearms, substance use, crime and place, quantitative methods

  • Daniela Barberi

    Daniela Barberi

    Corrections, translational research, alternatives to incarceration, reentry, cultural competence, and minority populations.

  • Talley Bettens

    Talley Bettens

    Wrongful convictions, interrogations, false confessions, deception detection

  • LaToshia Ashley Butler

    LaToshia Ashley Butler

    Racial disparity in the criminal justice system, perceptions of police use of force, community corrections, evidenced-based practices in parole and probation



  • Lynnea R. Davis

    Lynnea R. Davis

    Racial inequality/disparity in the CJS, juvenile justice, corrections, program evaluation

  • Zach Drake

    Zach Drake

    Crime analysis, data science, machine learning, crime prevention, deterrence, crime and place, homeland security, operations research, program evaluations

  • Clayton B. Drummond

    Clayton B. Drummond

    Organizational issues, social change; wrongful convictions, capital punishment

  • Lauren Duhaime

    Lauren Duhaime

    Corrections, juvenile delinquency, prevention, community corrections, organizational change

  • Julia Durska

    Julia Durska

    Psychology and law, legal decision making, online child sexual abuse and exploitation, interviewing and interrogations, pre-arrest diversion programs, global policing


  • Jennifer Embrey

    Jennifer Embrey

    Policing innovation, privacy and technology, political violence and terrorism, international criminal law, national security


  • Sydney (Boone) Fay

    Sydney (Boone) Fay

    Legal psychology, legal decision-making, forensic psychology, experimental criminology, translational criminology

  • Margaretha (Chelsea) Foudray

    Margaretha (Chelsea) Foudray

    Corrections, criminal justice organizations, legal decision making, community supervision, intersection of law and psychology



  • Stephen Happeny
  • Taylor N. Hartwell

    Taylor N. Hartwell

    Corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, victimology, organizational culture, social inequalities, public policy, health and the criminal justice system

  • Tyler Houser

    Tyler Houser

    Terrorism, radicalization, environmental criminology, crime analysis



  • I-Ching Jen

    I-Ching Jen

    Place-based criminology, international terrorism, mental health and criminal justice system

  • Rachel Honor Jensen

    Rachel Honor Jensen

    Community policing, police and mental health, police training and mental health, police training and autism spectrum disorders, intersection of law and psychology

  • William Johnson


  • Zainab Bakarr Kamara

    Zainab Bakarr Kamara

    Mental health/rehabilitation programs, victimization, victim services, state harm, and hate crimes against ethnic/racial groups and immigrants

  • L. Caitlin Kanewske

    L. Caitlin Kanewske

    evidence-based crime interventions, mental health, prison reform, correctional programming

  • KiDeuk Kim
  • Kiseong Kuen

    Kiseong Kuen

    Policing, police legitimacy, place-based criminology, social problems at crime hot spots, evidence-based crime policy, quantitative analysis

  • Bryce Kushmerick-McCune

    Bryce Kushmerick-McCune

    Institutional corrections, solitary confinement, prison culture, prison organization and management, sociology of punishment, penal history


  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Mental health and criminal justice system, substance abuse, crime and place, quantitative methods

  • Samantha Luna

    Samantha Luna

    Specialty courts, legal decision-making, and false admissions of guilt


  • Benjamin J. Mackey

    Benjamin J. Mackey

    Sociology of punishment, reentry, community supervision, Southern criminology, qualitative methods, survey research

  • Andrew J. Madrigal

    Andrew J. Madrigal

    Wrongful convictions, Juvenile Justice, Social Justice

  • Shannon Magnuson

    Shannon Magnuson

    Organizational change, corrections, process evaluations and applied/participatory action research

  • Lina Marmolejo

    Lina Marmolejo

    Crime and violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, international development, pre-trial justice, corrections, re-entry

  • Madeline McPherson

    Madeline McPherson

    Crime policy, corrections & penology, legal mercy, clemency, justice organizations


  • Matthew S Nelson

    Matthew S Nelson

    Evaluating evidence-based crime interventions, crime and place, quantitative methods, program evaluation


  • Kevin Petersen

    Kevin Petersen

    Policing, evidence-based crime interventions, guilty pleas, legal decision-making, crime and place

  • Heather Prince

    Heather Prince

    Juvenile delinquency, violent crime, school violence, domestic violence, crime and place, policing





  • Sean Emerson Wire

    Sean Emerson Wire

    Policing, crime and place, law enforcement technology, experimental criminology


  • Taryn Zastrow

    Taryn Zastrow

    Place-based criminology, crime analysis, community violence & health, policing, crime & public policy