Lakia Faison

Lakia Faison

Lakia Faison

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Wrongful convictions and exonerations; Legal and moral decision-making

Lakia Faison is currently a doctoral student in the Criminology, Law, and Society program at George Mason University where she works as a graduate assistant and conducts research with Dr.Redlich in the MoDiLs Lab. Her research interests include decision-making as it relates wrongful convictions and exonerations, as well as the stigma of wrongful conviction. Her education in psychology greatly informs her work. She first earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2019. She then earned a M.S. in Psychology from Arizona State University in 2021. 

Selected Publications

Faison, L., & Smalarz, L. (2020). Perceptions of exonerees: A review of the psychological science. Albany Law Review, 83(3), 10211058. 
Faison, L., Smalarz, L., Madon, S. & Clow, K. (2023). The stigma of wrongful conviction differs for White and Black exonerees. Law and Human Behavior, 47(1), 137–152. 

Recent Presentations

Faison, L., Catlin, M., Redlich, A. (2023). The Relationship Between Attachment Styles and False Confessions. Accepted at the 2023 American Society of Criminology conference.

Faison, L., & Norris, R. (2023). Race, wrongful Convictions, and exonerations in the United States. Presented at the 2023 American Psychology and Law conference.

Faison, L. (2022). Interrogations of juveniles vary by crime type and interrogators’ perceptions of juvenile suspects. Presented at the 2022 American Psychology and Law conference.