Anna Knes

Anna Knes

Anna Knes

Graduate Research Assistant

psychology; legal decision-making; pretrial reform; racial disparities

Anna Knes is a first-year PhD student working as a Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Evan Lowder in the Early Justice Strategies Lab. She received an M.S. in Forensic Science from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in Neuroscience & Behavior from Wesleyan University. Her research interests focus on human behavior and decision making within the criminal justice system.

Expanded Publication List

From Wesleyan University

  • Knes, A.S., Freeland, C.M., Robinson, M.J.F. (2021). Optogenetic Stimulation of the Central Amygdala using Channelrhodopsin in R. Dempski (Ed.), Channelrhodopsin: Methods and Protocols. New York, NY: Springer.
  • Freeland, C.M., Knes, A.S., Robinson, M.J.F. (2020).Translating Concepts of Risky and Loss in Rodent Models of Gambling and its Limitations for Clinical Applications. In Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences.
  • Robinson, M.J.F., Caplan, K. A., Knes, A.S., Rodriguez-Cruz, H.O., Clibanoff, C., Freeland, C.M. (2020). Reward uncertainty attributes incentive value to reward proximal cues, while amphetamine sensitization reverts attention to more predictive reward distal cues. Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry. 97: 109795.
  • Robinson, M.J.F., Clibanoff, C., Freeland, C.M., Knes, A.S., Cote, J.R., Russell, T.I. (2019). Distinguishing between predictive and incentive value of uncertain gambling-like cues in a Pavlovian autoshaping task. Behavioural Brain Research. 371(3): 111791.


MS Forensic Science, University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

MA Neuroscience and Behavior - Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut, USA)

BA Neuroscience and Behavior & Psychology - Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut, USA)