Raymond G Rowley

Raymond G Rowley

Raymond G Rowley

Adjunct Faculty

Professor Rowley spent 30 years as a federal criminal investigator, including nearly 24 years as a special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).  During this period Professor Rowley held a variety of investigative and leadership positions designed to enhance public safety and homeland security; efforts that included denying prohibited persons access to firearms and targeting persons and groups who used firearms for criminal purposes.  Professor Rowley directed a violent crimes task force and was a supervisory member of an investigative team specializing in the investigation of arson and explosives incidents.  He additionally organized and directed the Justice Department’s public safety and security emergency support component for disaster operations requiring a federal law enforcement or security response; directed the development of basic and advanced investigative training curriculum; instructed at the ATF National Academy; served as a senior manager of ATF’s New England criminal enforcement operations, and as Chief of Staff to the Assistant Director for Field Operations and Chief of ATF’s Firearms Programs Division where he was responsible for leading the development and implementation of national firearms and tobacco enforcement programs and policies. 

After retiring from ATF, Professor Rowley spent several years as a law enforcement engagement and training manager with a large Virginia-based corporation where he specialized in the training of law enforcement officers on matters related to the global illicit tobacco trade and the trade’s nexus to transnational organized crime and terrorism.  Professor Rowley has been a frequent speaker at many law enforcement conferences and training schools including the U.S. State Department’s International Law Enforcement Academies in Europe, Africa and Central America and has served as an advisor to a leading homeland security and public safety consulting firm.

Professor Rowley remains active in matters pertaining to criminal justice and public safety and has developed and instructed undergraduate courses for George Mason University on the role of firearms in American society; criminal justice management and homeland security.  An avid student of American history and part-time Associate at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, Professor Rowley attempts to incorporate relevant lessons from history into the courses he teaches. 

In addition to teaching at George Mason University, Professor Rowley conducts personnel security investigations for the U.S. Department of Justice and serves as an athletic coach at South County High School in Lorton, VA.  

Courses Taught

Firearms Laws, Politics and Public Policy

Criminal Justice Management

Introduction to Homeland Security

Introduction to Criminal Justice


Professor Rowley is a graduate of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, the ATF National Academy and many other law enforcement, investigative and leadership and management training programs.  A native of Long Island, New York, Professor Rowley earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement from George Mason University; a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from George Washington University and a Master’s degree in National Resource Strategy from the National Defense University, a senior military leadership development school.