Bradford Slutsky

Bradford Slutsky

Bradford Slutsky

Adjunct Faculty

Organizational Management, NIMS, Use of Force Policy, Police Training, Innovations/Technology, Youth Law Enforcement Development programs

Mr. Slutsky is a current career law enforcement professional and manager with over 18 years of law enforcement experience that spans local and federal government allowing him to provide students with a unique perspective on the various levels of government and interactions within government agencies, the public, policy, and communities. 

As a senior manager in the federal government in Washington D.C., Mr. Slutsky's expertise spans Homeland Security, innovative policing, fusion activities, tactical intelligence, and leadership and management.  Prior to serving in the federal government, Mr. Slutsky completed municipal police training in Camden, New Jersey and was employed on a seasonal basis with Ocean City Police Department.  Mr. Slutsky has been recognized by community faith based leaders and the New Jersey Federal Executive Board for Outreach and Communications.

Mr. Slutsky holds a MA in Police Graduate Studies from Seton Hall University, NJ and a BA in Criminal Justice with a Business minor from Stockton University, NJ.  He is a member of the Graduate Criminal Justice Curriculum review board at Stockton University where he also serves as a student mentor.  His volunteer activities include leading a New York/New Jersey chapter of the Law Enforcement Explorer's program prior to relocating to the D.C. area.

Mr. Slutsky's hobbies outside of law enforcement are travel, student and professional career mentoriship, the outdoors, sports, and autos/motorcycles.

Courses Taught

Homeland Security in Law Enforcement

Innovations in Policing


Seton Hall University, New Jersey, MA, Police Graduate Studies

Richard Stockton University, New Jersey, BA, Criminal Justice, Business Minor

Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco Georgia

Camden County Police Academy, New Jersey