CLS Doctoral Candidates on the Job Market

Several doctoral students from the Department of Criminology, Law and Society are on the job market in 2022-2023. Please click on the names below for more information about each candidate.


  • Chelsea Foudray

    Chelsea Foudray

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Dissertation Title: Problematic Substance Use and the Pretrial Period: Risk- and Needs-Based Supervision Strategies

    Interests: pretrial period, community supervision, corrections, criminal-legal organizations, criminal-legal policies, legal decision-making


  • Michael Goodier

    Michael Goodier

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Dissertation Title: Managing Mental Health Calls for Service: An Evaluability Assessment of the Co-Responder Model within an Emergency Call Center

    Interests: policing, 911 communications, procedural justice, firearms, and evidence-based crime policy


  • Samantha Luna

    Samantha Luna

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Dissertation Title: Defining Coercion During Plea Negotiations

    Interests: legal decision-making, coercion, admissions of guilt, miscarriages of justice, vulnerable populations in the criminal legal system


  • Kevin Petersen

    Kevin Petersen

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Dissertation Title: To Where the River Flows: Examining the Downstream Effects of Police Body-Worn Cameras

    Interests: policing, courts, quantitative methods, evidence-based crime interventions, guilty pleas, legal decision-making