CLS Doctoral Candidates on the Job Market

Several doctoral students from the Department of Criminology, Law and Society are on the job market in 2023-2024. Please click on the student names below to access their academic biography and CV.


  • Chelsea Foudray

    Chelsea Foudray

    Postdoctoral Fellow




    Dissertation Title: Problematic Substance Use and the Pretrial Period: Risk- and Needs-Based Supervision Strategies

    Interests: mixed methods research, pretrial, community supervision, substance use, corrections 

    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Evan Lowder


  • Michael Goodier

    Michael Goodier

    Graduate Research Assistant




    Dissertation Title: Managing Mental Health Calls for Service: An Evaluability Assessment of Co-Located Behavioral Health Professionals Within an Emergency Call Center

    Interests: policing, 911 communications, procedural justice, evidence-based crime policy, firearms

    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Lum


  • Kiseong Kuen

    Kiseong Kuen

    Graduate Research Assistant




    Dissertation Title: A Reassessment of the Process-Based Model of Policing: Filling Three Major Gaps

    Interests: crime & place, social problems at crime hot spots, policing, police-citizen relations, race/ethnicity

    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. David Weisburd


  • Yi-Fang Lu

    Yi-Fang Lu

    Graduate Research Assistant




    Dissertation Title: Exploring Mental Wellbeing of Law Enforcement Officers 

    Interests: policing & mental health, wellness of law enforcement officers, crime & place, neighborhood social processes & digital data, health inequality

    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Sue-Ming Yang


  • Lindsay Renee Smith

    Lindsay Renee Smith




    Dissertation Title: Is Carceral Connectivity Gendered?: Carceral Residents Reestablishing or Sustaining Relationships with their Loved Ones through Communication

    Interests: women, transgender & non-binary individuals’ justice-involvement, prison & jail confinement, reintegration programming & success, interpersonal violence, gender- and sex-based discrimination

    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. Janani Umamaheswar

    Website: Smith Academic Profile


  • Taryn Zastrow

    Taryn Zastrow

    Graduate Research Assistant




    Dissertation Title: Living in Crime Hot Spots: Understanding the Perceptions and Experiences of Residents

    Interests: crime & place, crime analysis, policing, community perceptions, public policy

    Dissertation Advisor: Dr. David Weisburd