MA in Criminology, Law and Society

Emily Cahill

Emily Cahill, 2016

Emily Cahill graduated from the MA program after completing her thesis on the effects of citizen gender on the amount of procedural justice shown by police, and now works as a patrol officer in Norfolk, VA.

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Brett Cowell

Brett Cowell, 2015

Brett Cowell works as a Project Associate at the Police Foundation in Washington, DC.

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Eric Fowler

Eric Fowler, 2015

Eric Fowler is a Crime Analyst and Compliance Coordinator at the George Mason University Police Department.

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Aisha Javed Qureshi

Aisha Javed Qureshi, 2012

Aisha Javed Qureshi is a Social Science Analyst for the National Institute of Justice (U.S. Department of Justice) and has served as an adjunct instructor at two local universities.

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George Fachner

George Fachner, 2009

George Fachner is a senior program official with the U.S. Department of Justice and previously worked for CNA, a not-for-profit analysis and solutions firm.

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