MS in Criminal Justice

Nicole Brady, 2019

Nicole Brady

Describe your practicum project.

For the research practicum, I worked with the City of Fairfax Police Department doing an analysis of calls for service looking at crime trends and how they could use their existing workforce to its fullest extent. By looking at calls for service I was able to do a deep analysis of the police force and how they can better serve the community.

Why did you choose the MS in Criminal Justice program at Mason?

I chose the MS in criminal justice because I knew in order to compete in today's job market as a crime analyst I would need a master's. I also knew Mason's reputation from doing my undergrad here, I knew the faculty was the best to give me the contacts and skills to compete in the job market.

What was the most rewarding experience for you during your time in the program?

My most rewarding experience in the program was getting to work with people all over the criminal justice field and actually apply what I was learning to the real world.

What was your favorite class in the program and why?

My favorite class is a tie between Crime Analysis with Dr. Matt D'anna and Evidence-Based Policing with Dr. Lum. Both were amazing professors that taught me real-world skills that I apply to everyday work. I also loved the respect both professors showed for their students and how they challenged me every week to learn something new.

What are you doing now with your MS in Criminal Justice degree?

Currently, I am a crime analyst in the new real-time crime center for the Orlando Police Department in Orlando Florida. I am using my degree every day in the types of analysis I get to do and other projects the department is currently exploring.