PhD in Criminology, Law and Society

Kimberly Meyer

Kimberly Meyer, 2018

Discovering turning points for kids in trouble and influencing policy

Dissertation Completion Grant awardee, Kimberly Meyer, has researched the impact of probation for juveniles and discovered a clever way to influence the future of the justice system.

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Breanne Cave

Breanne Cave, 2016

Senior Research Associate, Police Foundation

Breanne Cave graduated from the PhD program after completing her dissertation on the influence of micro place context on police activity and now works as a researcher at the Police Foundation.

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Ajima Olaghere

Ajima Olaghere, 2015

Assistant Professor, Temple University

Ajima Olaghere graduated with her PhD in 2015, and worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Dr. David Wilson on meta-analyses of various criminal justice topics. She is now an assistant professor at Temple University.

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Lincoln Sloas

Lincoln Sloas, 2015

Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Lincoln Sloas graduated with his PhD in 2015 and is now teaching at Florida Atlantic University in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

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Jill Viglione

Jill Viglione, 2015

Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida

Jill Viglione graduated with her PhD in 2015 and is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida.

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Daniel Pryce

Daniel Pryce, 2014

Assistant Professor, North Carolina Central University

Daniel Pryce graduated with his PhD in 2014 and now teaches in the Department of Criminal Justice at North Carolina Central University.

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Anne Douds

Anne Douds, 2013

Lecturer in Criminal Justice, Pennsylvania State University

Anne Douds is a faculty member in the School of Public Policy at Penn State Harrisburg, and prior to earning her PhD from Mason, she earned a J.D. from Emory University.

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Cody W. Telep

Cody W. Telep, 2013

Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

Cody Telep received his PhD from Mason in May 2013 after completing his dissertation on evidence-based policy.

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Julie Hibdon

Julie Hibdon, 2011

Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University

Julie Hibdon teaches various courses in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at SIU, and her main research interests include crime and place and environmental criminology.

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Tammy Rinehart Kochel

Tammy Rinehart Kochel, 2009

Associate Professor, Southern Illinois University

Tammy Kochel specializes in the areas of policing, neighborhood ecology and collective efficacy, theories of crime and criminal justice, and statistics.

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