Why Declare a Minor?

A minor can complement your major, enhance your career preparation, allow you to develop a secondary area of expertise, or give you a chance to explore a passion.

Minors require between 15 and 21 credits, and all but 8-12 of those credits can be used simultaneously to fill other requirements. If you are having trouble choosing between two majors, consider majoring in one area and minoring in another.

The Criminology, Law and Society department currently offers two minors. More information and requirements for both minors can be found below.

Minor in Criminology, Law and Society (15 credits)

Through the minor in Criminology, Law and Society, students develop knowledge of the principles, institutions, and practices of the systems for administering justice.

Minor in Intelligence Analysis/Studies (18 credits)

The minor in Intelligence Analysis or Intelligence Studies is designed for students who are interested in careers in homeland security or other intelligence-related fields.  This minor focuses on developing the skills of intelligence analysis, including research, writing, briefing, and analytical tradecraft.  

  • Students entering Mason in Fall 2020 or later pursue the Intelligence Studies minor.
  • Students entering Mason prior to Fall 2020 complete the Intelligence Analysis minor.