About Advising

As a degree-seeking student at Mason, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are meeting these in order to finish your degree in a timely manner.  Your faculty advisor, the Graduate Coordinator, and the Director of Graduate Programs are all available to provide guidance as you pursue your degree.

Your faculty advisor will help you plan your course of study and set timelines for degree completion.  You should meet with your faculty advisor at least once a year to evaluate your degree progress.  For more information on faculty advising, please click on the links on this page.

The Graduate Coordinator and Director of Graduate Programs will make sure you have up-to-date information about departmental and university policies, deadlines, and requirements.  For questions about course waivers, credit reductions, enrollment forms, or other administrative matters, please contact the Graduate Coordinator or the Director of Graduate Programs for assistance.  Often, many questions can be answered by reviewing the worksheets and forms available on these pages.