About Advising

Upon enrollment, all graduate students are assigned a Faculty Advisor who will provide guidance related to their students' academic and career goals. Students should meet with their Faculty Advisor at least once a year to discuss their degree progress. More information about faculty advising can be found here.

Depending on your program, questions about course planning, policies, deadlines, and other administrative matters should be directed to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Director of Graduate Programs, or MS Program Director.

Students in the MS and BAM programs will also be assigned an Academic Advisor, Brielle DeMatteo. MS/BAM students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor prior to each semester's registration period to discuss and plan course options for future semesters.

All graduate students should regularly update their Program of Study to ensure timely degree progress. PhD students are required to submit a Program of Study form annually with their Student Activity Report.

*As a degree-seeking student at Mason, you are responsible for knowing the requirements for your degree program and making sure that you are meeting these in order to finish your degree in a timely manner. Your Faculty Advisor, the Graduate Program Coordinator, and the Director of Graduate Programs are all available to provide guidance as you pursue your degree.