PhD in Criminology, Law and Society

Andrew Madrigal

Andrew Madrigal

Describe your current area of research and/or your academic interests:

Currently, my academic interest and area of research revolve around wrongful convictions. Particularly, the aftermath of wrongful convictions and how these injustices negatively affect exonerees as they attempt to rebuild their lives post-release.

Why did you choose George Mason to pursue your studies?

I chose to pursue my studies at GMU:

1. because of how prestigious the criminology program is here and

2. because of Dr. Robert Norris and his expertise and dedication to innocence/wrongful convictions research. George Mason is becoming the hub for wrongful convictions research in the United States and I am extremely proud to be a part of it.

Are there faculty or staff members who have made a difference thus far during your Mason career? Please give an example of this impact if possible.

Dr. Robert Norris, Dr. Allison Redlich, Dr. Janani Umamaheswar, and Dr. Jin Lee have all made tremendous impacts on my career thus far at Mason. They have all helped me in ways that have helped me grow not only as a scholar, but as a person pursuing a career in academia.

How do you hope to use your degree and studies in the future?

I hope to become a professor at an R2 or teaching focused university where I can focus primarily on teaching and continue my research on wrongful convictions.

How will the Dean’s Challenge scholarship support your studies?

The Dean's Challenge scholarship contributes substantially to my studies by providing funding for educational and research related expenses not covered by other grants and scholarships.