PhD Program

Mason's top-ranked doctoral program in criminology, law and society produces scholars who receive faculty positions at highly regarded institutions and leaders in policy and applied settings. 

Students enrolled in the PhD program pursue a rigorous course of study that prepares them to conduct high quality scientific research in the criminal justice field. They learn cutting-edge social science methods and data analysis skills from internationally-renowned faculty, and collaborate on projects that advance knowledge in the social sciences and make a difference in the development and evaluation of justice policies and practices.

Prospective students can be admitted to the doctoral program with or without a previous master's degree (those who enroll without a master's degree in a related field will earn an MA in criminology, law and society as an integral component of the PhD). Please review the links to the right for detailed information about the doctoral program and degree requirements. The video below describes the unique opportunities for doctoral students in the criminology, law and society program.