Criminology, Law and Society
College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Tenure-line Faculty

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  • Catherine Gallagher

    Catherine Gallagher

    Associate Professor

    Juvenile Justice; Health outcomes and delivery for vulnerable populations; Suicide, injury, illness and deaths in confinement; Evidence synthesis and big data analytics for healthcare and justice policy

  • Charlotte Gill

    Charlotte Gill

    Assistant Professor

    Community-based crime prevention, place-based criminology, policing, youth and crime, re-entry, program evaluation, mixed-methods research, research synthesis


  • Devon Johnson

    Devon Johnson

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Public opinion on criminal justice issues, race and criminal justice, politics of crime and justice policy, survey methods


  • Christopher Koper

    Christopher Koper

    Associate Professor

    Firearms, violence, and public policy; police and crime control; technology and organizational change in policing; policy and program evaluation


  • Cynthia Lum

    Cynthia Lum

    Associate Professor

    Policing, security, criminal justice evaluation, translational criminology


  • Stephen D Mastrofski

    Stephen D Mastrofski

    University Professor

    Police discretion, police organizations and their reform, systematic field observation methods in criminology

  • Linda M. Merola

    Linda M. Merola

    Associate Professor

    Constitutional law, privacy and technology, terrorism, evidence-based courts, public opinion and survey/experimental methods


  • Allison D. Redlich

    Allison D. Redlich


    Guilty pleas, interrogations and confessions, wrongful convictions, mental health courts, and experimental criminology

  • Danielle S. Rudes

    Danielle S. Rudes

    Associate Professor

    Organizational change, community corrections (probation/parole), prisons, law & society, prisoner reentry, problem-solving courts, implementation studies, street-level bureaucrats, and qualitative methods


  • Faye Taxman

    Faye Taxman

    University Professor

    Health services and correctional research, evidence based courts and corrections, program design and interventions, experimentation and evaluation, organizational change, seamless systems of care


  • David Weisburd

    David Weisburd

    Distinguished Professor

    Police innovation, geography of crime (crime and place), experimental criminology, statistics and research methods, white collar crime

  • James Willis

    James Willis

    Associate Professor

    Police organizations, police reform, police decision making, police technology, punishment in an historical context

  • David B Wilson

    David B Wilson



    Crime prevention and correctional treatment programs, meta-analysis, quantitative research methods


  • Sue-Ming Yang

    Sue-Ming Yang

    Assistant Professor

    Place-based criminology, racial stereotypes and urban disorder perception, experimental methods, international terrorism