Andrew J. Madrigal

Andrew J. Madrigal

Andrew J. Madrigal

Wrongful convictions, Juvenile Justice, Social Justice

Andrew J. Madrigal is a doctoral student in Criminology, Law and Society at George Mason University. He received his BS and MS in Criminology and Criminal Justice from California State University, Long Beach, in 2017 and 2019. His research interests revolve around changing and reforming the criminal legal system, including wrongful convictions, social justice issues, and juvenile justice.

Andrew’s research interests come from having his father (Rafael Madrigal Jr.) wrongfully convicted and sentenced to 53 years to life in prison. Rafael spent over nine years before his exoneration with the assistance of the California Innocence Project. Andrew is working towards research that can contribute to policies that assist exonerees post-incarceration. To learn more about his father’s case and wrongful convictions, follow this link

Andrew worked under Dr. Robert J. Norris and the Innocence Research Workshop as a Graduate Research Assistant, where he assisted in providing resources related to wrongful arrests, convictions, and miscarriages of justice.

Current Research

Catlin, M., & Madrigal, A. J., (in prep). When Does the Punishment end?: Enduring Harm as Prosecutors Work to Maintain Power. In Rudes, D.S.

Madrigal, A.J. (in prep). Caught in Limbo: Exonerees’ Fight for formal exoneration. Manuscript in preparation.

Madrigal, A.J., Richards-Karamarkovich, A., & Umamaheswar, J. (in prep). The carceral experiences of the wrongfully convicted. Handbook on Prisons & Jails. Taylor Francis. 

Selected Publications

*Madrigal, A.J., Norris, R.J. The Good, the Bad, and the Uncertain: State Harm, the Aftermath of Exoneration, and Compensation for the Wrongly Convicted. Crit Crim(2022).

*denotes equal authorship

Grants and Fellowships

2022              Provost's Doctoral Research Scholar

2022              Dean's Challenge Award 

2022              George Mason Graduate Student Travel Fund Award

2022              CLS Graduate Student Travel Award

2021              CLS Graduate Student Travel Award

2021              CLS Doctoral Student Summer Research Scholarship

2020              Criminology, Law and Society Graduate Fellowship

Courses Taught

CRIM 220: Introduction to Law and Society (Summer 2022)

CRIM 210: Introduction to Criminology (Spring 2022 [TA])

CRIM 495: Senior Capstone in Criminology, Law and Society : Terrorism (Fall 2021 [TA])


M.S. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, California State University, Long Beach, 2019

B.S. in Criminology & Criminal Justice, California State University, Long Beach, 2017

A.S. in Administration of  Justice, Rio Hondo College, 2015

Recent Presentations

Brown, R., Madrigal, A.J., Meterko, V., & Norris, R.J. (2022, February 9). Wrongful convictions in the criminal legal system. Oral presentation given at University of North Carolina Pembroke. Social Justice Symposium.

Bunch, K.B., Bunch, M.B., Madrigal, A.J., & Burns, M. (Upcoming [2022, April 8]). Families of the wrongfully convicted speak out – supporting the innocent post-release. Roundtable discussion to be given at the 2022 Innocence Network Conference, Phoenix.

Madrigal, A.J. (Upcoming [2022, April 29]). Lived Experiences Panel: Navigating Justice Spaces and Identifying Opportunities for Change. Oral presentation to be given at The Center for Advancing Correctional Excellence, George Mason University Virtual symposium: Charting a course toward social justice in corrections.

Madrigal, A.J. & Norris, R.J. (2021, November 17). The good, the bad, and the uncertain: Exoneree reentry services in the United States. Oral presentation given at the 2021 American Society of Criminology Conference, Chicago, IL.