BS in Criminology, Law and Society

Our graduates work in a many different careers in the private and public sectors. They are:

  • CIA agents
  • civil rights advocates and drug and alcohol counselors
  • customs and immigration officials
  • naval investigators and police officers

Many of our students go on to graduate studies or law school. They work as lawyers and some serve as judges.

Shelby Rothberg

Shelby Rothberg

MS in Criminal Justice

For her capstone project, Rothberg collaborated with the intelligence community’s Human Capital office to understand why STEM and criminal justice students choose (or do not choose) careers in intelligence.

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Elizabeth Ashford

Elizabeth Ashford, 2023

BA Criminology, Law and Society with a concentration in Homeland Security and Justice, minor in Data Analysis

Hometown: New Boston, New Hampshire

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Barrett Geyer

Barrett Geyer, 2023

BS in Criminology, Law and Society

Internships and campus involvement lead to opening a career path in public service

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Georgi Lane

Georgi Lane, 2022

B.S. in Criminology, Law and Society with a concentration in Homeland Security and Justice, and minor in Forensic Psychology

Team leader for this semester's Best Research Project who hopes to continue criminology research out in the field.

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Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez, 2022

B.S. in Criminology Law and Society with concentration in Law and Society, minor in Data Analysis

An impressive portfolio of self-directed research projects and assistantships will follow this outstanding CLS student to a fully-funded doctoral program at Penn State.

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Dina Chatila

Dina Chatila, 2021

B.S. in Criminology Law and Society

Daughter of immigrants from Beirut, Lebanon and has balanced rigorous academics with a job at an estate law firm.

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Lauren Selb

Lauren Selb, 2021

BS in Criminology, Law and Society with a minor in Business

A three year internship with BAE Systems and excellent academic performance led to a full time position with the company after graduation.

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Ana Zevallos

Ana Zevallos, 2020

BS, Criminology, Law and Society, 2020

Recipient of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute Scholarship, and author of an impressive research paper on China's persecution of Uyghur Muslims.

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William D. Johnson

William D. Johnson, 2012

PhD in Criminology, Law and Society

William D Johnson is a triple Mason grad (2012 BS in criminology, law and society, magna cum laude with honors in major; 2017 MA in criminology, law and society; 2022 PhD in criminology, law and society 2022). He has authored multiple academic journal articles, many grant reports, and several translational publications, as well as presenting at national academic conferences.

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Mark Shealey

Mark Shealey, 2006

2018 Distinguished Alumni - Criminology, Law and Society

For approximately 20 years Shealey was the investigative liaison for the US Marshals Service, assigned to Fox Televisions “America’s Most Wanted” and CNN’s The Hunt with John Walsh. His efforts contributed to the arrest of over 1200 fugitives profiled by the television shows.

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Maggie DeBoard

Maggie DeBoard, 1986

2017 Fall Distinguished Alumni - Criminology, Law and Society

In fall 2017, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Department of Criminology, Law and Society honored Maggie DeBaord for her exemplary leadership and career in law enforcement.

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