Special Topics (CRIM 490)

Each semester a number of CRIM 490 sections are available of varying subjects related to the field of Criminology, Law and Society. These are some of the most popular courses among our students due to their focus on exciting issues in the field (ex. Human Trafficking, Why Women Kill, Homeland Security and Risk Assessment, and many more).

CLS students may repeat CRIM 490 for a maximum of 15 credits towards the degree when the topic is different. These courses will be counted in the CRIM electives section of the major requirements.

Have you declared a concentration in the major?

Students who have declared a concentration may apply approved CRIM 490 sections to their designated concentration. To have sections of CRIM 490 applied to your concentration electives you must contact your CLS advisor for signature on a Program Elective Approval form.

* For students in the Fall 2007 catalog to Summer 2010, all ADJ 490 courses apply as ADJ electives.

** For students in the Fall 2010 catalog and beyond, all CRIM 490 courses apply as CRIM electives. In addition, CRIM 490 courses may also apply to CLS concentrations (see approved list).